Blue & Gold Society Founder's Circle


When you make Ithaca College a beneficiary of a bequest or other planned gift, the Blue & Gold Society is proud to recognize you as a member of its Founder's Circle, a select group of donors who have included a gift to IC in estate plans. The Blue & Gold Society Founder's Circle honors IC's founder and first president, W. Grant Egbert.

Join us!

The following types of commitments are recognized by the Blue & Gold Society’s Founder's Circle:

  • a bequest provision in your will or revocable trust;
  • a life-income gift that names Ithaca as a remainder beneficiary, such as a charitable remainder trust or a charitable gift annuity;
  • a charitable lead trust that provides income to Ithaca for your lifetime or a term of years;
  • a gift or assignment of retirement plan assets, such as an IRA, 401(k), or 403(b);
  • a gift of life insurance;
  • certain other planned gifts.

Your willingness to be a part of the Founder's Circle allows the college to celebrate you and your commitment, and it helps encourage others to follow your example. We acknowledge and respect those who wish to remain anonymous, but please consider letting us know of your plans on a confidential basis so that we can ensure we have the documentation on file to honor your wishes.  Please contact Jennifer Gabriel, Director of Planned Giving, at or 607.274.1397 to discuss your planned gift, or to receive information about making one.

The Founder's Circle Experience

As a part of the Blue & Gold Society’s Founder's Circle community, you will receive communications and special announcements from Ithaca College, so that you can stay up-to-date on how philanthropy makes a difference to thousands of IC students every day. You will also receive invitations to events in Ithaca, in NYC, and in other areas of the country.

Members of the Founder’s Circle

* = Deceased

John Ara Adamian '76
Justin Alexander*
Lawrence M. Alleva '71 and Susan A. Alleva
Mary I. Arlin '61
David J. Bachrach '70 and Linda Podell Bachrach '70
James S. Badger, M.S. '61*
Charles P. Bailey '59 and Constance Fuller Bailey '59
Beverly Baker '54
Natalie P. Baker*
Susan Bassett '79
Ruth Behnke '51
Susan A. ’79 and Cary Benjamin
William R. and Donna Bergmark*
Alice Flaum Berman '71
Christopher M. and Julie Biehn, Parents '16
Shannon Manry Bielaska, M.S. '74
Walter N. Blateric, M.S. '51*
Ellen M. Blodgett '65 *
Howard L. Bloom '77
Judith L. Bly '59
Ray A. Boone*
Walter J. Bradhering '79 and Daniel Kluchinski
Tammy S. Brainin ’74 and Steven H. Gonzalez
Edgar E. Bredbenner, Jr. '50*
Barry S. Brinsmaid '40*
Arnold P. Broido '41, Parent '70*
David H. Brooks
Lester R. Brown '29*
Michael J. Caine '80*
Roberta Wagner Chafee '70 and Gerald D. Chafee
Gary Chollet '65, M.S. '70
Evelyn E. Cole '31*
Edith L. Cornelius, M.S. '58*
G. Ferris Cronkhite*
Mary Mackenbach Cunha '69
George Curley '49*
Willard T. Daetsch*
Dorothy Daetsch
Jack H. Dembow '77
Viola L. Diebold '43
Duncan F. Donald '50, M.S. '53
Laura Schramm Donald '49*
Walter D. Dynak*
James F. Egan ’62
Jeffrey M. Engel '69
Craig S. Evans '84 and Dwight S. Myers
Matthew D. Farrow '05 and Harmonie Stark Farrow '05
Gaylord H. Farwell '50, M.S. '54* and Frances G. Farwell
Richard C. Fidgeon '68
John D. and Francille M. Firebaugh
Charles A. Fleming '38, M.S. '45*
Stephen and Mary C. Ford, Parents '08
Joseph H. Foyle '50, M.S. '55
jae French
William F. Fuerst Jr.*
Richard D. Fuller '70
John E. Gallagher Jr. '69 and Gloria J. Gallagher
Pamela C. Gearhart, Parent '80*
David A. Giannotti '69 and Kathy A. Giannotti
Margaret Gibson*
Paul Gordon '59*
Thomas H. Grape '80
William M. Grimshaw*
Marilyn S. Grossman '72
Michael R. Hanna*
Mary Helen Hart '35*, and John E. Hart*
Joseph P. Hartnett-Hughes
Gloria L. Hobbs
Shirley O. Hockett P'74*
William B. Hoff '67
Eve Homburger-Jacobs '77
Jack Hrkach
David J. Hyslop '65 and Sally Hyslop
Margot I. Irish '66*
Carl M. Johengen '84, M.M. '87
Ralph A. Jones
Marilyn A. Kane and Donna R. Twardowski
Henry S. Kanegsberg '67
Michael J. Kaplan '85
Lawrence Karas ’63
Maura P. Keenan '93
Courtney N. Keller '10
Morton S. Klayman '46*
John P. Klumph '77
Leah Fackos Klumph '75*
Joan W. Kohlmeyer '72*
Doris S. Kostrinsky
Walter F. Kramer*
Colin Kresock '74
Steven J. Landry '83 and Gail Landry
W. Robert Lappin '57*
Fred D. Lasky ’67 and Phyllis A. Lasky
Frederick D. Laub '71
Elaine J. Leeder, Parent '93
David S. Leiman '74
Mary E. Levey '66
Seth C. Levin '73
Felice ’45* and Leon Levine *
Robert and Jane Lewis, Parents '07
William H. Lindenberger '70
Lance A. Lipman '72 and Gail L. Cook
David H. Lord
Anthony J. Maiello '65, M.S. '67, and Susan Kreischer Maiello '67
Martha Mampe-Frey '62
Stephen and Linda Mantone, Parents '13
Alvin B. Marks, Parent '77*
Joan Marzitelli-Brooks '76
Eugenia Adamus Matz '36*
Todd B. McLeish '84 and Renay Leduc McLeish '85
Richard A. Menaul '76*
Arthur H. Moore '66
Richard M. Moran
Randel J. Morgan '84
Eugene B. Morse '41, M.S. '53*
Willard I. Musser '33, M.S. '46, Parent '60*
John C. Nagle*
Kenneth L. Nathanson '45
Gustav A. Nelson '29*
Rhena I. Neustadt
Ginger S. Nichols ’95
Barry S. Nickelsberg '72
Mary B. North '27*
Faith Norton
William P. Opperman '79 and Mary G. Opperman
James H. Osborne '79 and Diane B. Osborne
Karen J. Ostby '68
Wendy J. Parker '69
Alfred W. Pauley '43*
Joseph L. Peluso '51*
Constantine A. Perialas*
Emily C. Peterson '43*
Bert Rabinowitz*
James B. Ramage '51*
Sarah M. Rich
George Ridenour and Jeanette Shady, Parents '08
Helen F. Roberts
Nancy Shapiro Rowitt '74 and David J. Rowitt '78
Carl D. Ruck, M.M. '81
Thomas G. Samter '68
Donald E. Sands
Dorothy L. Saperstone*
David W. Sass '57 and Evelyn R. Sass, Parents '83
Susan J. Scanlon '71 and Croft Hangartner
Ivan J. Schneider*
David E. Schutz '72
Tuti B. Scott '84
Jane Young Seaman '44 and Edward Seaman
John Semmler
Shelley S. Semmler
Carolyn K. Serling, Parent '74
Ralph A. Siciliano '72
Nan W. Siegel*
Rachel J. Siegel, Parent '74*
Eric D. Simon '95 and Karen Smith Simon '95
Michael R. Slepian '71 and Nanare Slepian, Parents '02
Alvin and Catherine Spector, Parents '13
Lori A. Staba '85
Henry B. Stark
Sharon A. Staz '65
Jeffery R. Stevens '83 and Jocelyn Udell Stevens '86
David I. Stewart '67
Diane Frankle Storck '70
James A. Stoutenburgh '53*
Sally Ketcham Tanzer '70 and Jed Tanzer*
Holly Ranger Tavelli '73, Parent '02
Dorothy Voorhees Taylor '44, Parent '73
Robert L. Thomas
Ernestine Brown Thornton '30, Parent '64*
John J. Torrenti '56, M.S. '59, and Eileen C. Torrenti
Allan H.* and Pauline Treman*
John T. Tucker '61
Karel L. Turner '69, M.S. '70
Glenn C. Vogel
Clarence R. Warrington Jr. '50, M.M. '54*
E. Katharine Weeks '33*
Raye Werner* and Robert L. Werner*
James J. Whalen*
Charles M. Wheeler Jr. '56 and Carolyn B. Wheeler
Ben Williams
Peggy R. and David A. Williams
Bonny Bouck Wilson
Michael Zalkin '77
Berniece Zimmerman '38*

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